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MML Webinar

How to Capitalize on Building Water Infrastructure Now
May 28, 2020 | 10-11 a.m.
Presented by Phil Walsack and John Mitchell, Burns and McDonnell Engineering; Dave Naumann, 1898 & Co.; and Hannah Humphrey, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

This period has been challenging for everyone but could provide benefits and incentives for infrastructure improvement projects.  Building now can be a catalyst to Missouri’s economy and give cities a needed boost to fix their aging infrastructure.  Historically low interest rates; grants for smaller cities; and hungry construction companies coupled with newly approved design-build regulations enable municipal water and wastewater utilities to build projects now.  Financing is often the stumbling block for municipal project initiation.  Join us as we “show you the money” by outlining existing & future funding strategies for your municipality.

Please Note: If you are unable to attend the webinar "live" please do NOT register. The recording will be made available on the MML website and emailed to all members, typically within 30 minutes of the live webinar’s conclusion.
Register Here.


MML/MAC Letter to Governor Parson
The Missouri Municipal League and the Missouri Association of Counties sent a letter to Missouri Governor Parson last week offering support and sharing how imperative it is that cities and counties have the latest information to distribute funds and serve citizens. Read letter. 







Covid Response Library

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
FEMA Region 7 Update May 19 PDF (298.59 KB) Administration 5/20/2020
CDCMassTransitDecisionBrochure PDF (230.55 KB) Administration 5/18/2020
CDCWorkplaceDecisionTreeBrochure PDF (141.51 KB) Administration 5/18/2020
CitiesAreEssentialRevenueLoss PDF (385.73 KB) Administration 5/15/2020
MML Service During Pandemic PDF (973.86 KB) Administration 5/14/2020
Circular8CaresActLauber PDF (213.86 KB) Administration 5/14/2020
MythsandTruthsCAE.pdf PDF (158.64 KB) Administration 5/8/2020
LauberCicular7.ReopeningGuidance PDF (263.17 KB) Administration 5/1/2020
Odessa.Order.PhasedReopening PDF (541.82 KB) S. Haynes, Missouri Municipal League 5/1/2020
Odessa4step.reopen Graphic JPG (74.01 KB) S. Haynes, Missouri Municipal League 5/1/2020
Coping With COVID Stress PDF (7.85 MB) Administration 4/30/2020
Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook PDF (7.01 MB) Administration 4/30/2020
CARES Act Guidance, U.S. Treasury PDF (101.48 KB) Administration 4/28/2020
LauberCircular6.ReopeningCities PDF (183.26 KB) S. Haynes, Missouri Municipal League 4/27/2020
Addressing PPE Needs in Non-Healthcare Setting FEM PDF (98.45 KB) Administration 4/24/2020
FEMARegion7Covid19FactSheet PDF (218.29 KB) Administration 4/24/2020
Adaptive Leadership ICMA Career Compass PDF (170.18 KB) Administration 4/23/2020
Strategies to Balance the Budget During COVID PDF (669.92 KB) Administration 4/22/2020
Fraud Threats from COVID-19 PDF (276.83 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
Readying Your Organization For Future Disruption PDF (302.11 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
MissouriCitiesFiscalImpact_Infographic PDF (222.27 KB) Administration 4/20/2020
EmergencyPowers.Riverside PDF (86.27 KB) Administration 4/20/2020
AlcoholicBeverageCarryout_LauberLaw_Circular PDF (148.84 KB) Administration 4/17/2020
NLCConfofMayorsSurveyResultsFinancialImpact PDF (441.12 KB) Administration 4/16/2020
StayAtHomeSlides_LauberLawPresentation PDF (1.16 MB) Administration 4/16/2020
MML/MAC Letter to Governor Mike Parson PDF (120.03 KB) Administration 4/13/2020
USDA Federal Rural Resource Guide PDF (348.87 KB) Administration 4/13/2020
FFCRA.Article.LashlyBaer PDF (195.18 KB) Administration 4/9/2020
Public Meeting Webinar Presentation AGO PDF (350.37 KB) Administration 4/8/2020
2020-03-17_Emergency_Paid_Sick-Family_Leave_Fa.pdf PDF (155.78 KB) Administration 4/8/2020
Available_Leave_during_Pandemic_for_FT_Employe.pdf PDF (211.43 KB) Administration 4/8/2020
Application_for_Expanded_FMLA_Form_3.28.20.pdf PDF (315.67 KB) Administration 4/8/2020
Application_for_Emergency_Paid_Sick_Leave_4.1..pdf PDF (330.12 KB) Administration 4/8/2020
CARESActSummary_BrownSmithWallace PDF (251.35 KB) Administration 4/8/2020
FFCRA Leave Request Form_CityofBelton PDF (145.85 KB) Administration 4/7/2020
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