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 Online training without leaving your office or home.


  1. With a computer, internet access and speakers or a telephone, you can attend a web-based class conducted LIVE using GoToWebinar.
  2.  Register online here and use a credit card. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an emailed confirmation with the webinar link.
  3.  To join the webinar, click the registration link and register with GoToWebinar.


Cost: $10 for members and $20 for non-members.

All of the webinars are one hour and will run 10:00am-11:00am.

If you choose the "bill me" option, you will not automatically receive the link. It will have to manually be sent.


Cancellation policy: Since webinars are recorded, NO REFUNDS once purchased. Contact Emily Koenigsfeld, Event & Training Specialist at or 573-635-9134 for the link to view after the conclusion of the live presentation. 


Oct. 24 - Derelict Properties

Oct. 30 - Understanding New MO
Collective Bargaining Laws

Nov. 8 - Building Better Cities

Dec. 12 - Fraud Facts




Contact Emily Koenigsfeld

4th Quarter Webinars

DERELICT PROPERTIES: HOW LOCAL GOVERNMENT CAN TAKE ACTION, presented by Stephanie Karr, Attorney, Curtis, Heinz, Garrett and O'Keefe, P.C.

Description: Many complaints from residents are made because of property conditions that are in violation of code or causing a nuisance. There are many nuisance conditions that have an adverse effect on the entire neighborhood. This Webinar will discuss legal options availability to the city to deal with derelict properties.

UNDERSTANDING NEW MISSOURI COLLECTIVE BARGAINING LAWS EFFECTIVE AUGUST 28, 2018, presented by Ivan L. Schraeder, Attorney, Wagner Law Group. 

DescriptionA significant rewrite of the Missouri laws controlling collective bargaining is now in place.  It changes old relationships; creates new bargaining unit mandates; establishes union financial & governance transparency; limits recognition periods and contract terms; sets penalties and mandated reporting.  Also, the union deductions of fees under the U. S. Supreme Court case of Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 (June 2018) will be explained.  For any municipality engaged in collective bargaining (formerly meet & confer) or faced with these labor relations issues needs to enroll to protect the entity’s interests.

BUILDING BETTER CITIES, presented by Joe Lauber, Attorney, Lauber Municipal Law, LLC

Description: The session will cover setting priorities and measurable and attainable goals, and provide information on conducting analyses of both internal and external resources from multiple aspects. The presentation concludes with a segment encouraging community involvement.

Will qualify for 1 hour of Economic Development credit for the Municipal Governance Institute (*MGI). 

REGISTER HEREDecember 12 (*12-1 pm)
FRAUD FACTS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PROTECT YOUR ORGANIZATION, presented by Ron Steinkamp, Partner, Advisory Services and Public Sector, Brown Smith Wallace LLP

Description: Fraud is a significant problem faced by all organizations. According to a study released by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), occupational fraud costs organizations an estimated 5% of their annual revenue. Every organization would like to avoid fraud - A key to maximizing fraud prevention and early detection is establishing a fraud risk management program. Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been a “how to guide” on how to establish a fraud risk management program -- That is until now!  This presentation will discuss how to establish a fraud risk management program to prevent and detect fraud.

 Additional learning objectives covered during the program include:

- The Need for Fraud Prevention and Detection

- How to Establish a Fraud Risk Management Program

- Key Roles and Responsibilities

MGI Recorded Webinars

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NOTE: To receive your MGI credit, once you complete the webinar, please email It will then be applied.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Legacy Leadership - Ron Holifield Link  more ] Administration 10/4/2018
Trust Building Strategies for Leaders Link  more ] Administration 7/27/2018
Fundamentals of Municipal Contracting Link  more ] Administration 6/19/2018
Revenue Sources & Financing Alternatives Link  more ] Administration 4/12/2018
How to Avoid Being Burnt by the Sunshine Law - Edw Link  more ] Administration 3/6/2018
Municipal Risk and Claims Realities - MIRMA Link  more ] Administration 2/20/2018
Creating and Authentic Servant Leadership Culture Link  more ] Administration 2/8/2018
Conducting City Business - John Young Link  more ] Administration 1/12/2018
Coaching for Performance - Dr. Mike Mowery Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2018
Fundamentals of Muni Gov - Christine Bushyhead Link  more ] Administration 11/20/2017
Business Retention and Expansion - Sallie Hemenway Link  more ] Administration 11/20/2017
Ethics - Patricia Churchill Link  more ] Administration 8/23/2017
Planning and Zoning - Paul Martin Link  more ] Administration 7/27/2017
The Need for Servant Leadership - Dr. Mike Mowery Link  more ] Administration 5/11/2017
Personnel Law - David Davis Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2017
Public Works Contracting - Susan McGreevy Link Administration 3/15/2017
Priority Based Budgeting - Jon Johnson Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2018
Building Trust - Dr. Mike Mowery Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2018

Misc. Recorded Webinars

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Benefits of Native Plants for Communities Link  more ] Administration 6/15/2018
Post Disaster Recovery - Curt Skoog Link  more ] Administration 5/10/2018
Building Inclusion by Ending Workplace Bullying Link  more ] Administration 3/27/2018
Shared Services - Curt Skoog Link  more ] Administration 1/12/2018
Legislative Wrap-Up - Richard Sheets Link Administration 9/28/2017
Use Tax Explained - Stuart Haynes Link Administration 9/28/2017
The Future of Retail - John Brancaglione Link Administration 9/28/2017

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