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2013 Annual Conference Program & Handouts
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 2013 MML Annual Conference Program Layout



(Links to handouts and materials included when available) 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

9:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. CCFOA ADVANCED ACADEMY - Taneycomo B

"The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Best Asset”

It's easy but inaccurate to assume some people are always positive, because they're just built that way! The program explores our attitude origins and the possibilities we each possess to alter our attitude beliefs. The program identifies strategies for making each hurdle a strengthened coping skill. (The Academy is open to all conference attendees. Registration is through CCFOA. Registration fee is $125 CCFOA members and $155 non-members.)
Speaker: Jan Mirikitani, Mirikitani & Associates, Inc.

11:00 a.m. MML Second Annual Scholarship Golf Outing - Payne stewart golf club
Fees must be prepaid/four person scramble. Box lunch and drink provided. Host: Tony Russo, Cochran Engineering

1:00 p.m. MML PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP (Requires pre-purchased ticket - $45) - Short Creek 3 & 4

City Communications, Civic Responsibility and The Changing Media (Provides 2 hours elective credits in the Municipal Governance Institute program)
Workshop Moderator: Scott Charton, Owner, Charton Communications and Consulting

Part I – COLUMBIA: The Most-Covered City Government in Missouri: Home of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia has more journalists and want-to-be journalists combing the streets per capita than any other community. How does the city of Columbia serve the public and handle the attention?

Panel: Robert McDavid, Mayor, Columbia; Steve Sapp, Public Information Specialist¸ Columbia; Jim Robertson, Managing Editor,Columbia Daily Tribune; and John Schneller, Editor, Columbia Missourian

Part II – Journalism and Local Government – A Reynolds Journalism School professor will discuss how he is seeking to strengthen newsrooms by reconnecting citizens and government. Hear how upcoming journalists are being trained to cover local government.

Speaker: Scott Swafford, Professor, Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Missouri

(Open Session) - Short Creek 3 & 4
5:30 p.m. NOMINATING COMMITTEE (Closed Session) - Short Creek 1
6:00 p.m GRAND OPENING RECEPTION - Exhibit Hall

Monday, September 16, 2013

7:30 a.m. REGISTRATION - Exhibit Hall


8:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m. TOWN HALL THEATER - Exhibit Hall (See last page for more details)


MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT 101: Council Procedures - Short Creek 1 & 2 (Provides ½ hour Fundamentals of Municipal Government and ½ hour Ethics in the Municipal Governance Institute program)

Session will cover the basics of municipal government. The program is geared for the newly elected as well as the seasoned veterans who want a refresher course. The speakers will discuss forms of government, powers and duties of municipal officials, council procedures, voting, conflict of interest and nepotism – all the nuts and bolts.

Presider: Rocky Reitmeyer, Alderman, St. Peters and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speakers: Christine Bushyhead, Partner, Mitchell, Kristl & Lieber, P.C. and Nancy Thompson, City Counselor, Columbia


GROWING MORALE WITHOUT MONEY - Short Creek 3 & 4 (Sponsored by CCFOA)

Managing our attitudes in the workplace is as critical as managing our fiscal assets. Attitude impacts organizational communication at every level, every day. This program identifies 10 ways city leaders can grow and empower employee morale without spending a dime!

Presider: Melissa Burton, City Clerk, Overland and Co-Chair, CCFOA Education Committee
Speaker: Jan Mirikitani, Mirkitani & Associates, Inc.

Making Better Business Decisions for Cities - Cooper Creek 1 & 2

Tips for analyzing and improving the business of running a city, including a review of revenues and business enterprises, marketing, economic development, priority/ goal setting and many more issues.

Presider: Bill Kolas, Mayor, Higginsville, and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speakers: Art Davis, President, Art Davis Group, LLC and Joseph Lauber, Attorney, Lauber Municipal Law, LLC


Presentation will review the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on municipal governments.

Presider: Ron Monnig, Councilmember, Slater and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Stephene Moore, Regional Director, Federal Department of Health and Human Services

Presentation PowerPoint Slides

10:15 a.m. BREAK - Exhibit Hall

(Complimentary coffee, soft drinks and snacks)


MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT 102: LEGAL ISSUES - Short Creek 1 & 2 (Provides 1 hour Liability and Risk credit in the Municipal Governance Institute program.)

The speakers will discuss legal issues facing local government officials, including an analysis of frequent areas of liability and risk, and the protections afforded municipal officials in the performance of their work.

Presider: Rocky Reitmeyer, Alderman, St. Peters and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speakers: Christine Bushyhead, Attorney, Mitchell, Kristl & Lieber, P.C. and Nancy Thompson, City Attorney, Columbia

Handout 1

Strategies for Meeting Long-term Facility Needs - Short Creek 3 & 4

As communities evolve and change, cities must develop plans for maintaining, renovating, expanding and/or repurposing existing facilities, replacing facilities and/or adding additional facilities. Where to start can be overwhelming. This presentation will discuss critical steps for developing the information needed to plan, fund and gain community support for and implement facility-related projects.

Presider: David Bower, Mayor, Raytown and Member, MML Board of Directors
Presenter: Kerry Newman, Principal, SFS Architecture

MISSOURI: THE BEST TRAILS STATE - Cooper Creek 1 & 2 (Sponsored by MPRA)

In April of 2013, Missouri earned recognition at the International Trails Symposium as the "Best Trails State!” Receiving this title has been a catalyst for dozens of trail-based programs and events all over Missouri, including Governor Nixon's "100 Missouri Miles Challenge.” Through the work of the Missouri Trails Alliance (MTA), national attention has come to all areas of the state – including yours! Come hear from representatives of MTA, a coalition of diverse trail users, who assist in getting the word out about the tremendous resource offered to hikers, bikers, off-road vehicles and equestrians. They will discuss economic impact, health benefits, funding opportunities, volunteer initiatives and marketing to make the most of your local trails.

Presider: Jan Neitzert, Executive Director, Missouri Park and Recreation Association
Speakers: Kelley Brent, Park Operations and Planning Coordinator, Missouri State Parks and Co-Chair, Missouri Trails
Alliance; and Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator, Missouri State Parks


Too often our emergency management efforts focus on public safety, but in most cases it is the public works department that is called first to control damaged utilities and open access for emergency vehicles. This presentation will focus on the role of elected officials, and provide a general understanding about the dynamics of natural disaster planning with an emphasis on public works. Public officials will learn guidelines and best practices to help prepare their respective communities and ensure continued operation of critical municipal services.

Presider: David Kater, Mayor, Desloge and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speakers: Darren Hennen, Olsson Associates; Paul Campo, Partner, Williams and Campo; and KirkLarson, VP operations, Midland GIS


12:00 p.m. BOX LUNCHEON - Exhibit Hall


Control Your City's DESTINY: Trends in Municipal Government
Short Creek 1 & 2 (Sponsored by MCMA)

This hard-hitting session will discuss the major trends shaping the future of local government including political, social, demographic, fiscal and management. It also will discuss what you need to be doing – not just to survive, but to thrive in this "new normal,” and provide specific and practical strategies to control your organization's destiny in these changing times.

Presider: Bill Johnson, Director of Administration, Fulton and Member, MML Board of Directors­­­­
Speaker: Ron Holifield, CEO, Strategic Government Resources

Tax Increment Financing and the Battle of the Lake - Short Creek 3 & 4

The top 10 things you need to know about TIF financing; from taxpayer standing to legislative findings of blight. This session will focus on lessons learned from "The Battle of the Lake.” This session will include a review of the history of the TIF statutes and how the process was supposed to work and how it did not.

Presider: Lisa Robertson, City Attorney, St. Joseph and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speakers: Ed Rucker, City Attorney, Osage Beach and Dave Bushek, Attorney, Gilmore Bell, P.C.


Missouri Open meetings and Records Law - Cooper Creek 1 & 2 (Provides 1 hour Sunshine Law Credit in the Municipal Governance Institute program.)

Let the sun shine in! An official from the Missouri Attorney General's office will review what municipal officials need to know about the Sunshine Law.

Presider: Donald Krank, Councilmember, Black Jack and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Tom Durkin, Public Education Director, Missouri Attorney General's Office

How to Establish a Legally Enforceable Framework for Good Faith Bargaining with Public EMPLOYEES - Taneycomo B

Session will discuss the process for establishing a legally enforceable framework for good faith bargaining between a city and public employees. The presentation will include: a sample ordinance; stipulation agreement for the bargaining unit; stipulation for consent representation elections; a stipulation to resolve disputes inexpensively without having to go to court; followed by a question/answer period.

Presider: Carson Ross, Mayor, Blue Springs and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Brian C. Hey, Partner, McMahon Berger, P.C.


Municipal Finance: Moving from Vision to Reality without Jeopardizing your Community - Short Creek 1 & 2

Getting the right help at the right time can be the key to bringing municipal vision to reality. From day-to-day governance issues to large-scale project support, advance planning and counsel can save municipalities time and money. Now more than ever, municipal bond issuers need financial advice that is independent, creative, in-depth and valuable to the issuer's policy decisions. Outsourcing legal services can result in improved outcomes at a reduced cost.

Presider: Kathleen Rose, Mayor, Riverside and Member, MML Board of Directors
Panel: Lisa Epps Dade, Partner, Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP; Joe Bednar, Partner, Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP;
Dennis Lloyd, President, Columbia Capital Management

Using Surveys to Assess Community Perceptions and Priorities: A Guide To What Does and Doesn't Work - Short Creek 3 & 4

Whether assessing community priorities, measuring perceptions of city services, or gauging voter support for a tax initiative, the most accurate and efficient method of assessing citizen feedback is through the use of surveys.

Presider: Norman McCourt, Mayor, Black Jack and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Dr. Mark Ellickson, Opinion Research Specialist, LLC.

Personnel Law: The View From 30,000 Feet. 
Cooper Creek 1 & 2 (Provides 1 hour Personnel Law Credit in the Municipal Governance Institute program.)

A basic overview of employment law for local government with an emphasis on the importance of human resources review for risk management.

Presider: Paul Ward, Councilmember, Kirkwood and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: David Davis, Attorney, Davis Law LLC


STREAMLINED SALES TAX - Taneycomo B (Sponsored by MoGFOA)

Speaker will describe the effects of the proposed streamlined sales tax legislation on municipalities.

Presiders: Conrad Bowers, Mayor, Bridgeton and Member, MML Board of Director and Roger Haynes, Deputy City Manager, Mexico and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Mike Sutherland, Sutherland and Co.

3:30 p.m. SNACK PARTY - Exhibit Hall


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

7:30 a.m. REGISTRATION - Exhibit Hall Lobby

8:45 a.m. GENERAL/BUSINESS SESSION - Taneycomo B

(Sponsored by American Fidelity Assurance)

Presider: Susan McVey, Mayor Pro Tem, Poplar Bluff and President, MML Board of Directors
"Welcome to Branson” – Raeanne Presley, Mayor, Branson and Member, MML Board of Directors
Address: "Open Roads, Open Minds” – Steve Uzzell, National Geographic Photographer
"Invitation to St. Charles: 2014 MML Annual Conference”Sally Faith, Mayor, St. Charles






Session will explore how cafeteria plans can provide employees with health benefit savings.

Presider: Denise Chisum, City Clerk, Lee's Summit and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Shawn Veninga, District Manager, American Fidelity Assurance


- Cooper Creek 1

Speaker will discuss the current political dynamics at play in Jefferson City and the ramifications for Missouri municipalities.

Presider: Kevin Wood, Mayor, Harrisonville and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Richard Sheets, Deputy Director, Missouri Municipal League

COMMUNICATING INTERNALLY: How It Keeps Your Municipality Running Smoothly

- Cooper Creek 2

This session will show how great internal communication keeps your employees at their best, keeps core municipal functions running well, and benefits your citizens. Attendees will receive points on how to successfully communicate key messages to all municipal employeesand learn successful tactics.

Presider: Gerry Welch, Mayor, Webster Groves and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speakers: Garrett Anderson, Director of Economic Development, Branson and Nicolette Brennan, Public Information Manager, Cape Girardeau


What every city should know about successfully managing workers' compensation claims, improving medical outcomes and controlling costs! Session will review accident management plans for handling injuries, the importance of the 2005 changes to the workers' compensation law, and return-to-work programs.

Presider: Raeanne Presley, Mayor, Branson and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Mark A. Woodward, Senior Loss Prevention Trainer, Missouri Employers Mutual


12:00 p.m. AWARDS LUNCHEON - Taneycomo A (Sponsored by The Bank of Missouri)

Presider: Jan Marcason, Councilmember, Kansas City and Vice President, MML Board of Directors

Address: "The Federal Perspective” – Chris Coleman, Mayor, St. Paul, Mn. and 2nd Vice President, National League of Cities




2:00 p.m. Mobile WorkshopS

The New Spirit of 76 Project: A Joint Effort to Inspire, Create and Renew the 76 Country Boulevard Corridor
Fall Creek (Meet in Fall Creek for a 15-minute presentation prior to going on tour. Ducks will depart from the south entrance of the Convention Center. Must pre-register/$15 registration fee/Limit 70 attendees.)

Take a ride on a Duck! Branson's 76 Country Boulevard has, for decades, delivered people to destinations of joy, renewal, wonder and amusement. This corridor is now the bustling gateway to more than 7.5 million visitors a year, and in desperate need of an overhaul. The Spirit of 76 Project is not just about infrastructure. It is about people. When finished, the thoroughfare will accommodate the pedestrian, bicycle, bus and automobile. The project takes a comprehensive view of the planning and design process, while also placing a priority on execution and project delivery. This workshop will focus on three key components of a successful project: planning, financing and stakeholder engagement, and will outline the steps necessary to turn your municipality's dream into a reality.

Speakers: Craig Davis, Partner, Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP; Brad Scott, Principal, B.M. Scott &Associates; Sabin Yanez, Principal, Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineers; Thomas Morefield AICP, Urban Planner, BNIMCFS Engineers

SPRINGFIELD-GREEN COUNTY'S EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT CENTER (Will depart from the Sycamore Street entrance (under the skywalk). Must pre-register/$15 registration fee/Limit 90 attendees.)

The Springfield-Greene County Public Safety Center is a 56,000-square-foot, state-of-the art facility that houses the 911 Communications Center, Office of Emergency Management, Emergency Operations Center, Regional Multi-Agency Coordination Center, and Greene County Sheriff Training Division. The center opened in July 2012 and was functionally designed to serve citizens with daily emergency communications coordination and disaster preparedness/response resources during any crisis that may impact the community. Design criteria include a tornado resistant structure, utility redundancy, radio communications, basic 24/7 living accommodations, multi-media information sharing technology, and many other features.


PUBLIC VALUES AND THE ETHICS OF GOVERNING: How to Think About the Hard Questions

- Cooper Creek 1 & 2

Democracy is designed to address perhaps the most complex, difficult, important and rapidly changing ethical questions in the history of humanity: how do we ethically protect the social cooperation that makes our society strong, while simultaneously respecting a vast array of individual moral and political beliefs, and the rights of individuals to pursue those divergent visions of the good life? The ethics of this question are so difficult and fluid that the best answer we have isn't an answer, just a process to approximate an answer at any particular time. Agreeing to live in a democracy is like agreeing to exist in a constant state of moral negotiation. Its messy, but it is all we have, so we have to do every little thing we can to keep it functioning so that every once in a while we get beyond the negotiating and make a decision everyone can live with.

Presider: Arthur Sharpe, Jr., Councilmember, University City, and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Wally Siewert, Ph.D., Director, Center for Ethics in Public Life, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Sustainably Meeting New Wastewater Treatment Requirements without Multi-Million Dollar Plant Upgrades - Short Creek 1 &

Creative action allows municipal wastewater treatment facilities to meet new permit requirements by operating equipment in ways not envisioned when the facilities were constructed. The savings can be incredible. By employing new technologies to monitor and control conditions in existing tanks, municipalities can optimize biological habitats in order to meet new ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorus, nutrient and conventional treatment limits using existing equipment.

Presider: Tom Short, City Administrator, Carthage and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Grant Weaver P.E., President, The Water Planet Company



The Cost of More Stringent Regulations: A Review of Recent Regulatory Impact Reports

- Short Creek 1 & 2

The state of Missouri revised the Effluent Rule in 2010 and is on pace to revise it again in 2013. The contentious Water Quality Standards Rule also will be revised in 2013. These new rules have cost implications for municipal utilities. The state determined the estimated costs for these new regulations in its "Regulatory Impact Reports.” This presentation will show how accurate these cost estimates have been over the past three years.

Presider: Frank Roland, Mayor, Hillsboro and Member, MML Board of Directors
Speaker: Phil Walsack, Manager of Environmental Services, Missouri Public Utility Alliance

"STUFF” My lawyer says - Short Creek 3 & 4

(Sponsored by CCFOA)

Some thoughts by an experienced (i.e. old) municipal attorney on how to talk to your city attorney; how to listen to your city attorney; how to avoid your city attorney; and when to ignore your city attorney.

Presider: Leesa Ross, City Clerk, Frontenac and Co-chair, CCFOA Education Committee
Speaker: Kevin O'Keefe, Principle, Curtis, Heinz, Garrett & O'Keefe, P.C.


4:45 p.m. ADJOURN

6:00 p.m. HOSPITALITY HOUR - Pool Deck and Courtyard

7:00 p.m. ANNUAL BANQUET - Taneycomo A

Presider: Susan McVey, Mayor Pro Tem, Poplar Bluff and President, MML Board of Directors

· Presentation of Past President's Plaque


Entertainment: SIX: The Show

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


7:30 a.m. BREAKFAST BUFFET - Taneycomo A

Presider: Jan Marcason, Councilmember, Kansas City and Vice President, MML Board of Directors

Presentation: "The Grain Belt Express”Allison Smith, Director of Development, Clean Line Energy



10:00 a.m. MPUA Workshop



Town Hall Theater

Monday, September 16, 2013

Exhibit Hall

8 a.m. IMS "Your Paper Trail Ends Here”

8:30 a.m. MIRMA "Save Tax Dollars and Increase Safety Through Pooling”

9 a.m. CTS Group How To Maximize Economic and Environmental Impact With a Guaranteed Energy

Savings Project”

9:30 a.m. Sensus "Simplifying The Smart Grid:The Positive Impact On Your Community”

10 a.m. Brown Smith Wallace "Strategies To Keep Your Municipality Out of The News”

10:30 a.m. ConEdison Solutions "Ensuring Your Building's Energy Efficiency Pays You Back”

11 a.m. Unique Paving Materials "Potholes: Are You Throwing Good Money After Bad?”

~ Lunch Break ~

1 p.m. Missouri Energy Forum "Energy Independence and Job Creation”

1:30 p.m. Independent Public Advisors "Independence and Innovation in Public Finance”

2 p.m. TMS Audio "When Your Constituents Call, Make It Count!”

2:30 p.m. Wilson and Company, Inc. "Corrugated Metal Pipe Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Case Study"

3 p.m. PFM Asset Management LLC, "Maximizing Your City's Investment Through Missouri Securities Investment Program"

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